Aging shingles can cost you dearly! Has your home has been identified as possibly being at risk of becoming uninsurable? Homes with roofs that were installed before 2,001 are at risk for severe damage in hurricane force winds. The wind warranty on many of these homes is close to or has expired. Loss of your roof can lead to further damage inside the home. Even worse it can reduce your home to an unlivable condition.

In Florida, insurance companies are taking action. Sending their representatives to get photographic documentation of the insured property and following up with a letter advising the homeowners that they must replace their roof or face non-renewal of their policy.

To protect people like yourself, Holloway Roofing has implemented a community wide plan to eliminate these risk. Would you like to know how this plan works? Thru the end of next month our company is offering Okaloosa County residents a complimentary roof evaluation and there is no obligation to buy anything. For those people who are interested in protecting their homes and families we will dispatch one of our certified roof experts to inspect your roof and identify any factors that put you at risk.